Frequently Asked

Who can apply for the XRPL Accelerator Program?

Where can I learn more about the XRP Ledger?

Do I have to have a company in order to receive funding?

Is venture funding/funding for equity part of the XRPL Accelerator program?

Based on what criteria are applications evaluated?

Can I reapply if a previous application was unsuccessful?

What information will I need to provide in my application?

Can I apply if my team has previously been part of other XRPL funding programs?

What is the average processing time for applications?

Can I apply for a cohort outside of the region my team is based in?

Is being on-site a requirement for participating in the program?

Who runs the operations of the XRPL Accelerator?

Does participating in the XRPL Accelerator mean my organization becomes directly affiliated with Ripple?

When will my team receive the $50,000 program award?

Are there any conditions attached to the $50,000 program award?

What time commitment should my team expect from participating in the program?

Where can I find the terms & conditions for the XRPL Accelerator program?

Applications for Cohort 2 are open until 25 June