Ap0cene's Web3 protocol leverages NFC and NFTs to allow instant access to garment details, supporting informed, value-driven consumer choices with global impact through a simple smartphone tap.

Founders: Sam Walker, Ariel Arakas, Elissa Rumford, Andrew Fenlon, Ryan Beck


Chimoney's Unispend facilitates spending XRP and tokens from wallets like XUMM on XRPL, providing developers with tools to integrate a variety of products and remittance options from platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

Founders: Uchi Uchibeke


CornerMarket is a blockchain-based marketplace aiming to lower costs for small businesses and consumers, boosting profits and community growth by eliminating intermediaries.

Founders: Moira Noiseux, Felix Li, D'Narius Lewis, Graham Patterson


Droplinked connects businesses, creators, and consumers using Web3 tools for inventory, sales tracking, and Web2 to Web3 integration through token gating and loyalty programs.

Founders: Ali Sammour, Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani


GemWallet offers a web-based XRP Ledger wallet for secure payments and NFT interactions from the browser.

Founders: Florian Bouron, Thibaut Bremand


Kudos offers a reward system via an XRPL wallet app, allowing for stipends to contributors based on their Kudos, with a focus on open source developers, and streamlines payments by linking social identities to XRPL addresses.

Founders: Matt Mankins, Sanghee Kim, Zac Franc


NIR-Watchdog leverages NIR Spectroscopy, machine learning, and blockchain for material authentication and tampering prevention, targeting B2B clients with counterfeit issues.

Founders: Edward Berkovich, Jorge Augusto Meira, Nabil Nahhas


VerifyED offers blockchain-backed digital credentials on XRPLedger, enabling instant, tamper-proof verification and skill-embedded certificates for easy communication with employers.

Founders: Yaz El Hakim, Abigail Waterer, Michael Fordham, a leading NFT marketplace on the XRP Ledger, simplifies access for Web2 and Web3 users, fostering mass adoption and expanding into enterprise applications to broaden its impact.

Founders: Adam Kagy, Sebastian Valdez, Christopher Troia, Christopher Johnson, Hussein Zangana, Steven Shipley, Jesse DiSabato, Timothy Smith Yusef, Kristi Yorks


Crossmark offers a browser-first, non-custodial XRP Ledger wallet, aiming to enhance user experience, introduce a universal QR code, and support network versatility with future AMM and sidechain enhancements.

Founders: Ryan Molley

D3 Labs

D3 Labs' Seaseed product enhances real-time value transfer by integrating digital currencies into remittances, enabling efficient, 24/7 cross-border transactions for improved business efficiency and global connectivity.

Founders: Chris Tang, Jeremy Low, Khun Ling Tan


EQLX is a sports performance social media on the XRP Ledger, offering athletes and fans ownership of sports data through NFT posts and EQL tokens, promoting value from engagement and democratizing the sports data economy.

Founders: Tori West


FriiPay revolutionizes retail transactions by enabling over 50 million POS terminals to process payments via Web 3.0 and traditional methods without extra hardware, promoting blockchain adoption through digital tools like real-time loyalty and coupons.

Founders: Farhaan Dawood, Nabeel Choudhry, Jason Welsford

Kaiju Labs

Kaiju Labs simplifies blockchain game development with a no-code toolkit and enhances player experience with an easy-to-use wallet app, aiming to reduce complexity and dropout rates in the sector.

Founders: Sameera Nilupul, Chameera Wijebandara, Pabasara Dilshan

Mandla Money

Mandla SMS Wallet offers a white-label solution for stablecoin and CBDC transactions via SMS, targeting financial inclusion by eliminating the need for internet or smartphones.

Founders: Julian Kanjere, Kunta-Kinte Ngcobo, Nande Hangana


Ospree streamlines digital asset compliance for all institutions, unifying fragmented processes with a comprehensive solution to simplify regulatory navigation and enhance industry efficiency.

Founders: Javier Tamashiro, Anne Winston

Phi Wallet

Phi Wallet offers a mobile solution for instant access to digital gold, facilitating savings, investments, and payments for all budgets by tokenizing gold on the blockchain and enabling gold-based payments, aiming to democratize the safety of gold through a Sharia-compliant, inflation-resistant platform.

Founders: Eslam Anbar


SAFEhaven transforms old mobile devices into free, secure cold wallets, offering a user-friendly platform that balances convenience and security for blockchain interaction and digital identity, aiming to boost mass adoption.

Founders: KC Wong


StaykX, a DeFi protocol on the XRPL, introduces 'Soft-Staking' for daily rewards with full asset control, integrating with 50+ projects to enhance community engagement while ensuring user security through self-custodial features.

Founders: Shen Morincome

Wind enables efficient cross-border payments on Web3, using a self-custodial wallet for fast, low-cost transactions, focusing on the US-Southeast Asia remittance corridor.

Founders: Hussain Elius, Fahad Ahmed, Simo Figuigui


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